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The largest Polish film festival "filmPOLSKA" outside its home country brings a selection of works by well-known and unknown Polish filmmakers to Berlin cinemas. The most exciting Polish productions of the past year will be shown. Films that are otherwise not shown in Germany.

Sesselreihe © tanja dickert,

As usual, the 17th edition will take place in cinemas, clubs and public spaces. In 2005 - 2021, the festival presented a total of 1,637 films in 1,363 screenings. 341 guests came to Berlin from Poland and discussed with the audience.

The 2022 filmPOLSKA retrospective will be dedicated to a cult figure in Polish cinema history: Zbigniew Cybulski, the "Polish James Dean." The festival workshop this time will be led by Maciej Drygas - an outstanding documentary filmmaker and professor at the Film School in Łódź. Of course, there will again be numerous guests, concerts and exhibitions.

In addition, numerous side events will take place, enabling a platform for cultural exchange between the film artists and the visitors.
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