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1922 - 2022! 100 years - Timeless! - Free admissions for all movies [except with Orchestra]]

We are 100 years smarter today - and dreamwalking again over the same abyss. Hence the frighteningly fresh look at these "old" films.

POSTER 13. StummfilmLiveFestival
POSTER 13. StummfilmLiveFestival © Murnau Stiftung, Filmverleih
A cabinet of horrors. A silent oracle. Come in!

Nosferatu comes as a plague from the East, by ship from the Black Sea. At midnight he rises from the coffin and seeks the precious, fresh blood of naive Germans.

Death and rot can be ended only by the voluntary sacrifice of a beautiful woman, who makes Nosferatu forget the rising sun. Undead fear the light of enlightenment. A symphony of horror, accompanied by the Babylon Orchestra Berlin.

The criminal mastermind Dr. Mabuse, another highlight of the festival, is all about money and power.

Hollywood contributes comedies and optimistic hero stories with Buster Keaton (Robin Hood, Timothy's Quest).

Or satires about decadent high society: in Foolish Wives, Erich von Stroheim tries to fleece a rich American woman as a fake Russian count. We are showing the digitally restored version of the film by the Museum of Modern Art in its Berlin premiere!

From France comes the poetic (Crainquebille, La Femme de nulle part), from Scandinavia the radical (Häxan). Radical and groundbreaking for the early 1920s is also Alla Nazimova's shrill adaptation of Oscar Wilde's Salomé. The film was made with an exclusively gay cast & crew.

Other films illuminate history with clear messages for the present day (The Wanted, Nathan the Wise, Lucrezia Borgia).

Some thirty-two international productions that drew people to theaters in 1922 and promised drama, comedy, innovation and diversity are gathered in the thirteenth edition of our 2022 Silent Film LIVEfestival.

Accompanied by excellent musicians and with free admission (except for orchestral accompaniments): welcome!

13th SilentFilmLiveFestival
100 years of silent film
01 - 11 September 2022
1922 - 2022! Timelessly ingenious!

Opening on 1.9. 2022 at 19:30
Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horror LIVE with Babylon Orchestra Berlin
Conductor: George Morton
Except orchestra: free admission for all films!

12 Solo Musicians, 32 films, 11 days, One Orchestra

Organ and Piano:
Anna Vavilkina, Andreas Benz, Florian Reithner, Manuel Rösler, David Schirmer, Jonas Wilfert

Günter Buchwald, Ekkehard Wölk, Konstantin Zimmermann

Transverse flute:
Constanze Lobodzinski

Alexey Wagner

Guitar and electronics:
Jochen Zick

Orchestra: Babylon Orchestra Berlin
Conductor: George Morton
Curator: Friedemann Beyer

FREE ADMISSION/FREE ADMISSION for all films [except silent films with orchestra (Nosferatu with BABYLON ORCHESTER BERLIN)] / FREE ADMISSION for all films

ATTENTION: Please be on time! Already issued FREE tickets lose their validity after the beginning of the performance. This means that if you are late, you are no longer entitled to a seat in the auditorium. If the performance is sold out, we will start a late admission punctually at the beginning of the performance in order to fill all seats that have remained free until then.

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