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Concert reading

Meerbaum would have celebrated her 100th birthday on 5 February 2024. She was
born in what is now Ukraine. She died at the age of 18 in the Michailowka SS
labour camp. Selma left
57 poems to posterity, which she wrote in a period of just two years between
1939 and 1941 and archived in a self-bound album entitled

To mark the 100th birthday of Selma Meerbau (1924-1942), Detlef Bensmann and his saxophone will be interpreting the young poet's poems, which will be performed by Dennis Hopp.
Additional information
18 euros, reduced 13 euros
Reduction applies to severely disabled persons with a degree of disability of at least 50%, school pupils, students, recipients of subsistence benefits and holders of an honorary card.

By public transport:
U7 Parchimer Allee
M44 Britzer Damm/Tempelhofer Weg
M46 Fulhamer Allee
Bus 181 Britzer Damm/Mohriner Allee