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On the Pulse of Berlin

Oranienstraße pulsates. This description applies more to this neighbourhood between Moritzplatz, Kottbusser Tor and Görlitzer Bahnhof more than to any other in the city. Small restaurants with international cuisine, designer shops, convenience stores, pubs, bars, all one after another here. The narrow pavements are filled with tables, chairs, benches, and people.

Pubs like Die Rote Harfe and Würgeengel that go back decades are just as popular as newer bars such as Prinzipal Kreuzberg and Bar39. The district around Oranienstraße is home to a handful of Berlin's most famous clubs. The Prince Charles and Ritter Butzke are directly on Moritzplatz, while Farbfernseher is to the south near Görlitzer Bahnhofs. You can get to the famous SO36 by taking Oranienstraße north from Heinrichplatz. The SO36 hosted many legendary acts back in the 80s and made for many unforgettable evenings.
The neighbourhood around Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg once had the reputation as one of the wildest party districts in old West Berlin.

What's the best way to get to Oranienstraße?

The Oranienstraße can be reached by taking the U8 to Moritzplatz at the northern end of the neighbourhood. A short walk away and you'll be surrounded by bars, cafés and shops. Bus lines 248 and M29 as well as the night bus line N8 also stop at Moritzplatz. Another option is to take the U1 or U8 to Kottbusser Tor and then walk about 5 minutes on foot to Oranienstraße.

And, finally, a request:

Being really loud at night is no good. After all, Berliners do need to go to sleep sometime; they might just have to go to work the next day. Therefore, please try to consider the residents and keep it down after 10 pm.