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Exciting insights into the capital's monument landscape

Once a year, in September, the Stiftung Deutscher Denkmalschutz (German Monument Protection Foundation) invites visitors from all over Germany to the Open Monument Day. In Berlin, too, doors that are otherwise closed are opened to you on this day and unique insights into hidden interiors are granted.

This year's Open Monument Day on the weekend of 9 and 10 September has the motto "Full of Energy" and invites you to more than 300 offerings in all of Berlin's districts.

48h ICC: focus on the ICC Berlin

This year the focus is on the ICC Berlin (Internationales Congress Centrum Berlin). All Berliners know it: the 320-metre-long silver-grey "spaceship" with the famous aluminium façade. In the 1970s it landed in the west of the capital, became world-famous with its high-tech architecture and advanced to become the largest conference centre in Europe.

Many years after its closure, you can now get inside for the Open Monument Day: experience the gigantic interiors and immerse yourself in the thoroughly styled world of the 1970s!

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