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a theater-music-spectacle on the implosion of western pacifism

The attacks on Ukraine break down European traditional political stances. Limited Blindness makes drifting and entrenched positions collide with each other: Western European actors, the Polish-German author Przemek Zybowski and Ukrainian musicians struggle for peace and guilt.

"The natural state of men is war, peace has to be established," proclaimed Kant in his essay "Perpetual Peace," later to become the template of the UN Charter. How does the process of peace-building work? While in our everyday life different points of view are drifting further and further apart, on November 9th the Delphi will become a place of conclusions. The performers conjure up peace by means of a theatrical séance or even by means of self-mortification, by continually offering their other cheeks. They plunge into Kant's or Latour's thinking to use it for trivial as well as for disastrous issues of the present. Neo-liberal or activist peace utopias are blown up to their absolute limits - to the point where they burst. The lovely promises of today's peace demagogues are stretched to their perversion on stage, the famous Delphi‘s one, known as the wicked Moka Efti from the Babylon series.

Can new lucidity emerge from the friction between the different longings for peace and their ruins at the laboratory of the theater?

Przemek Zybowski, author and psychiatrist, writes for this project the dramatic long poem "Bloodlands" - a traumatic deep psychogram of the West-East relationship. Emilia Lomakova and Viktor Krysyuk compose sounds between romantic and contemporary music on guitar, cello and a sound system, tracing their inner conflict between the exceptional situation in Ukraine and their everyday life in Berlin. All this meets the embodied systems of order and peace concepts of Western intellectuals as well as populists - and the explosive images of video artist Pedro Deltell.


Limited Blindness is an association of performative artists. They produce theater projects on the threshold of sound art, literature/philosophy and experiential art.Since 2002 they have been staging site-specific interventions, on present urgent matters. Using experimental strategies, they shift conventions of perception, sharpen awareness for political experiences that otherwise remain on the periphery - they create spatial, sensual and direct theater.

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Additional information
Funded by the State of Berlin / Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.
Participating artists
Paula Bogati (Design)
Nouma Bordj (Fotos)
Pedro Deltell (Fotos)
Pedro Deltell (Bühne)
Sandra Ellegiers (Presse & Öffentlichkeit)
Amira Hadžić (Schauspiel)
Martin Heesch (Schauspiel)
Viktor Krysyuk (Live-Musik & Komposition)
Emilia Viktoria Lomakova (Live-Musik & Komposition)
Heiko Michels (Idee & Regie)
Sophie Naik (Produktionsassistenz)
Johannes Suhm (Schauspiel)
Przemek Zybowski…und das Team (Autor)
Frank Weiß (Dramaturgie)
Mariann Yar (Schauspiel)