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Dance Theater

Three time travelers, a spaceship, a crash: unexpected arrival in a possible future. Will the world as we know it still exist? Has everything come to an end? Is it the beginning of something new? The piece starts with our present and playfully and poetically takes off into a future in which nature, body and virtuality merge.

Based on future research with students, the Israeli-born, Berlin-based artist Yotam Peled and the ensemble develop a choreography that searches for a connection between dance and technologies. In virtuoso movement patterns influenced by martial arts and contemporary circus, bodies and video art combine to create multilayered scenes of a possible future.

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Additional information
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Educational Services
Participating artists
Tillie Bedeau (Musik)
Camille Lacadee (Video und Bühne)
Alexis Mersmann (Kostüm und Bühne)
Yotam Peled (Choreografie)
Jana Heilmann
Wibke Storkan Storkan
Kaveh Ghaemi