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Ein musikalisch - szenischer Spaziergang durch Zilles Berlin

The draftsman Heinrich Zille belongs to Berlin like the dog turds on the sidewalk. Even though he's been dead for a long time, you can't help thinking that he's sitting in the pub around the corner right now, watching us.

Zille sein Milljöh
Zille sein Milljöh © Bernd Köllinger

On the small stage, everyone walks together through the Berlin of the founding years, experiencing bourgeois Laubenpieper next to whores - and Ludenmilieu, joys and miseries of flocks of children on the 3rd backyard next to Sunday family outings in Berlin's surrounding countryside. In addition, the "Schwofkapelle" plays in the form of the pianist, who occasionally sings and acts along.

  • Book, lyrics, staging: Bernd Köllinger
  • Music: Klaus Wüsthoff
  • Diseuse: Susanne von Lonski / Natascha Petz
  • "Orje": Andreas Goebel / Jörg-Peter Malke
  • At the piano: Christoph Wagner
  • Costume design: Anneliese Pulst, Bettina Klink-von Woyski
(Program in German)

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Berliner Schnauze - MundART und Comedy Theater