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With Live-Podcasts from Radialsystem

ZEIT ONLINE has been making podcasts for five years: In more than 20 formats, the editorial team reports on politics, society, culture, sports or sex. On June 11, 2022, ZEIT ONLINE will podcast live from the Radialsystem for one day.

GRAFIK Musik © visitBerlin, Illustration Jim Avignon

Last year, tens of thousands of viewers followed the first podcast festival online - this year, the festival will take place on site. On three parallel stages, the hosts of the various podcasts will discuss current topics with guests.

Jochen Wegner, Editor-in-Chief of ZEIT ONLINE, and Christoph Amend, Editorial Director of ZEITmagazin, produce the new episode of the never-ending interview podcast "Alles gesagt?" (Everything said?), in which they question special personalities until they themselves declare that "everything has been said." Sabine Rückert, deputy editor-in-chief of DIE ZEIT, and Andreas Sentker, head of the "Knowledge" department, analyze unusual criminal cases in the "Crime" podcast.

Visitors to the podcast festival can also record their own ideas for the next episode of the news podcast "Was jetzt?" or ask the hosts of "Und was machst du am Wochenende?" what the perfect Sunday looks like.

More podcasts live at Radialsystem:

In the feature podcast "Die sogenannte Gegenwart," Ijoma Mangold, Nina Pauer and Lars Weisbrod discuss current phenomena: Why is everyone suddenly drinking ginger shots? Is "woke" the new narcissistic? With "OK, America?" Rieke Havertz and Klaus Brinkbäumer explain U.S. political and sociopolitical debates - from Joe Biden to Trumpism to geopolitics. "Rice and Shine" by Vanessa Vu and Minh Thu Tran is the podcast for Viet German perspectives: politics, pop culture and a whole lot of food.

In "Is it normal?" sex therapist Melanie Büttner and Sven Stockrahm discuss sex in all its facets. The sisters Sabine Rückert and Johanna Haberer grew up with biblical stories: "Unter Pfarrerstöchtern" (Among Pastor's Daughters) is about what they mean today - from creation to the apocalypse.

In "Frisch an die Arbeit," Daniel Erk talks to people who have special professions and also perspectives about their personal relationship to work. In the transalpine political podcast "Servus. Grüezi. Hallo." with Lenz Jacobsen, Matthias Daum and Florian Gasser, Austria, Switzerland and Germany get to know each other anew. ZEIT's very first podcast "Woher weißt du das?" with Max Rauner and Hella Kemper is also live - they approach interesting phenomenon of science. Vaccination, gendering, cars - "Why do you think that?" focuses on current controversial issues in our society.

In their podcast, Jana Simon and Philip Faigle invite people with contrary opinions to understand each other better. In the business podcast "Is this a bubble?" we talk about money, power and justice, and in "The Politics Part" about politics - what drives it, what it does, what it can achieve. In the soccer podcast "Kicken kann er" Oliver Fritsch and Fabian Scheler discuss the best players of our time.

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Diese Podcasts senden beim Podcast-Festival von ZEIT ONLINE am 11. Juni live aus dem Radialsystem:

Alles gesagt?VerbrechenWas jetzt?Und was machst du am Wochenende?Die sogenannte GegenwartOK, America?Rice and ShineIst das normal?Unter PfarrerstöchternFrisch an die ArbeitServus. Grüezi. Hallo.Woher weißt du das?Kicken kann erWarum denken Sie das?Ist das eine Blase?Das Politikteil
Participating artists
Sabine Rückert (Stellv. Chefredakteurin DIE ZEIT)
Andreas Sentker (Leiter des Ressorts Wissen DIE ZEIT)
Jochen Wegner (Chefredakteur ZEIT ONLINE)
Christoph Amend (Editorial Director ZEITmagazin)
und viele andere
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