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The punk rock band from California comes to Berlin with new songs and almost still new singer. Zebrahead has also already announced that a new album is in the making, on which they will again cultivate a slightly aggressive mixture of pop and ska punk, punk rock with a metal twist and terrific raps. This was already audible on the latest EP "Chapter 3", which was released in the fall of 2021. What is certain, however, is that the band will go on tour for the first time with their almost still new singer. Longtime vocalist and guitarist Matty Lewis left the band in 2021 and was replaced by Adrian Estrella of Assuming We Survive and Mest. Estrella's energy and vocal style has naturally made an audibly positive impact on Zebrahead.

Zebrahead Kevin Baldes

"We're totally stoked to have Adrian with us," enthuses veteran band member Tabatabaee, "He brings new excitement and that thrilling tingle and immediately inspired us to write killer new songs for the next chapter." So it's time for the quintet to hit the road and thrill all their fans with their rousing shows. On their tour they will be joined by the band ZSK as support act.

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