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Yves Macak, the R-puller, presents his latest comedy program "The Rooster in the Hort" - a colorful mix of humorous insights into the multifaceted world of education and educational adventures. This program is an incomparable mix of slapstick, stand-up and stirring music.

Yves Macak: R-zieh | The rooster in the hoard

In "The Rooster in the Hort" Yves Macak, alias the R-puller, takes the audience on a funny and entertaining journey through the different eras of education. He humorously examines the changes in education over time and why not everyone is suitable for the demanding profession of educator. From the different types of interns to the challenges of excursions and parties in daycare centers and schools - nothing is spared from Yves Macak's sharp and at the same time loving look at the educational chaos.

What's special about "The Rooster in the Hort" is the captivating focus on music and theater, which act as core components of the program. Yves Macak charmingly explains why these elements are essential for an entertaining and educational education. With his unique mix of humorous stage presence, pointed stand-up and musical interludes, the R-zieh shows how learning and fun can be perfectly combined.

This comedy program not only promises laughs every minute, but also offers a fresh perspective on the challenges and amusing anecdotes that educators face every day. "The Rooster in the After-school Care Center" is a thrilling experience full of humor, music and enlightening insights into the exciting world of education.

(Program in German)

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