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Rumba - Afro-Cuban-Jazz


Cuban bandleader and trumpeter Yuliesky González has been living in Europe since 2010, and his in-depth knowledge of a wide range of styles gives him the ability to fluently write modern Cuban music, as well as Cuban jazz, with an elegance and variation that makes the listener hold their breath with pleasure. The result is a passionate and interesting repertoire: sometimes powerful, dynamic and full of energy, but also quiet and intense. A delight of impressive compositions with interesting influences of the musicians from all over the world.Yuliesky González Guerra grew up in a musical family in Cuba. Music was always part of the family life. At the age of 10 he started his musical path in the "Escuela Vocacional de Arte Luis C. Romero", one of the best schools in Cuba and there he specialized in the trumpet. In 2000, at the "José White" School of Music, he made his first professional experiences in different popular groups in his homeland. During this time he also discovered his interest in improvisation both in Cuban music and in various jazz styles. In 2003 he finished his studies with the highest honors and stayed in Havana, performing nationally, working for radio and television, recording CDs and playing at various jazz festivals. This was followed by concert experiences in London, Venzuela, Perú, Panama, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland and others.Since April 2010 Yuliesky lives and works in Berlin and has established himself as one of the leading Latin musicians living in Europe.

Daniel Stawinski - the well-traveled pianist and arranger is known for his energetic. rhythmic playing rooted in both jazz and Cuban music. He has toured worldwide on 4 continents with the Yilian Canizares Quintet and performed with Felipe Cabrera, Alune Wade, Irving Acao, Ray de la Paz, Tony Vega, Diego Pinera, Djeli Moussa Diawara, among others. Already in 2005 he was awarded with the Berlin Jazz&Blues Award.

Vito Giacovelli was born in Puglia. Thanks to his encounter with the diverse culture of the African continent, he discovered his passion for rhythm at a young age, which has accompanied him on his musical and artistic path ever since. In Rome he studied Senegalese, Afro-Cuban and modern percussion, followed by stays in Brazil, Bulgaria and Cuba to deepen his study of various rhythmic concepts also on the spot. His versatility makes him one of the most sought-after European percussionists.The Colombian bassist Checho Gomez is an integral part of the Latin and jazz scene in Berlin. He is known, for example, as a musician of the Cuban Hartbeat Orchestra and the band Conexion with Mayelis Guyat. He has also played acclaimed gigs with the award-winning Balkan Spirit Ensemble.

Cuban drummer and percussionist Wiljoph Sunday Mounkassa Williams has been living in Berlin since 2009. He demonstrates his versatility in many bands, from salsa to jazz and reggae to modern pop music. As a professional musician trained in Cuba, he always inspires with his creativity and innovative themes. With his own project "Pasaje Abierto" he deals with Rumba, Timba, Cuban Jazz, Son and Salsa. With the project "Wiljoph Sunday and the Latin Machine" he inspires with the fusion of Afro-Caribbean roots with modern Latin jazz.

Linda Manuitt is the new discovery of Yuliesky Gonzalez. The young singer impresses with her voice and stage presence. Born and raised in Berlin, the German-Cuban embodies the folklore and tradition of Afro-Cuban influences in a unique and captivating way.

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