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Book presentation and discussion

"Young and Jewish in the GDR" is the title of a book presentation and discussion with the editors Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer and Lara Dämmig.

How did young Jews feel in the GDR? What significance did the family and the small Jewish community have for their lives? How did their family history and the experiences of their parents and grandparents during the Nazi era shape their identity? How did they feel about the official confrontation with the Nazi era and the Holocaust? How did they experience the end of the GDR?

In their book, which was published by Hentrich & Hentrich in 2021, the editors familiarise readers with a little-known chapter of German-Jewish history.

Date: Sunday, 26.11.2023
Time: 17:00 - 18:30

Location: Janusz Korczak Library
                  Berliner Str. 120-121, 13187 Berlin

Admission free
Phone: 030 90295-6965 or 030 90295-2583

The event is a co-operation between the anti-Semitism commissioner of the Pankow district authority and the Pankow municipal library, funded by the Netzwerk der Wärme.
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Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer und Lara Dämmig