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At dusk in a clearing in the forest, three figures stand and sing a song. They are fans. They search for themselves and only themselves in the lyrics of others. They follow them around the world on concert tours, in Twitter posts, merchandise stores and the comment columns of Youtube channels. They are full of longing and obsessive love, for themselves in the face of their idols and for the small community they form together.

»You know the Feeling« is a theater performance and a concert. In five covers of the pop song “People, I’ve been sad” by Christine and the Queens, Blomen/Moré/Reiniger deal with the social conditions of loneliness and coming together. In direct eye contact with the audience, they search for images, narratives and figures that make the ambivalent relationship between the longing for individual expression and collective experience palpable.

They ask what remains after they have sung together in chorus:

If you / Disappear, then I’m /Disappearing too

If you / Fall apart, then I’m / Falling behind you

Blomen/Moré/Reiniger are a theater collective and know each other from their studies at the University of Hildesheim. They are interested in the intersection of theater and reality and let autobiographical narratives meet fictional characters in their stage plays; as an intimate and at the same time public negotiation of their present. Sophie Blomen, Vera Moré and Max Reiniger work collectively as a three-person core and complement the team project-specifically with friends, colleagues and experts.

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Additional information
Concept, Performance Sophie Blomen, Vera Moré, Max Reiniger

Dramaturgy Leona Koldehoff

Costumes, stage Kristina Schmidt

Light Gilda Coustier

Creative Production Carolina Brinkmann

Consultation and support music Mona Sachße, Julian Grönefeld

Consultation and support choreography Marga Alfeirão, Camila Malenchini

Documentation Simon Vorgrimmler

Outside Eye Alexander Kohlmann

A production by Blomen/Moré/Reiniger in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost and Theaterhaus Hildesheim. Supported by Einstiegsförderung der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin, Stiftung Niedersachsen, Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Landschaftsverband Hildesheim, Friedrich Weinhagen Stiftung.