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"Youth writes poems" is a Europe-wide literary competition for young Polish speakers and Polish native speakers. The award winners from nine European cities will present their texts on this evening. There are readings, music, talks and Polish specialties.

This year, 132 students from Germany, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ukraine and Luxembourg submitted their poems in Polish as well as translations of Polish and German poems. A 12-member German-Polish jury selected the winners.

The XI International literary competition Młodzież pisze wiersze / youth writes poems is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the Polish Cultural Institute and private sponsors. The competition is organized by the Berlin organizations Polish School Association "Os'wiata" and POLIn Polish women in business and culture.

The event will take place mainly in Polish.

Moderator: Celina Muza