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Writing as a Rite

In this writing workshop, everyone comes together to explore the ceremonial tradition of writing, which is critical to capturing stories that exist within a neighborhood. The Neighbor in Residence of Gropius Bau, hn. lyonga, invites the participants to rethink language as a point of reference for their own lives.

The workshop is exclusively for BIPoC.

They want to look at writing in the spirit of Toni Morrison as a way of blocking out chaos and routine, a way of thinking—not just feeling, but reflecting on things that may be contradictory, unresolved, puzzling, or just plain lovable. Participants are invited to approach the ceremonial tradition of writing and to use storytelling as a way to meet in communities, thinking of it as a neighborly act of rooting in the ground where their stories find their place: how can they use storytelling for individual ideas of a hospitable world? How do they tell their stories? How can they anchor their stories in places that weren't created with and for them?

This event is part of the becoming neighbors program run by Neighbor in Residence hn. lyonga was developed.

With Fenja Akinde-Hummel, Naima Moiasse Maungue and Makda Isak
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Meeting point: Gropius Bau, Resonance Room (Ground floor)

Price info: Free admission

Booking: Free admission, please register in advance via mail to