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Art Performance Evenings

For the fourth time, international performance artists are gathering in the basement of the Pandora Gallery. The two-day meeting will take place on January 25th and 26th, 2024 and is dedicated to presenting feminist and gender-related topics.

Discussions include, among other things, discrimination against women based on age, physical changes with age, childlessness, the mysticism of witchcraft, breaking taboos and the dilemmas associated with gender change.

A highlight of the program is the performance by the American artist Paula Jeanine Bennett from New York. Her musical show "Deep Song", dedicated to Billie Holiday, deals with the topic of conscious childlessness.

Clare Carswell, a British performer from Oxford, uses folk wisdom and mythology to say goodbye to her old knee, which is replaced by a metal plate, in her "Ta-Ta Performance."

Denise Bryan from London will play against demons wearing a knitted Ecuadorian mask in her performance "Aya Huma".

The Polish artist Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, a partner of the late French star designer Thierry Mugler, will question general gender.

The event "Evenings Women's World IV" raises its voice against patriarchy and sets an example for tolerance and the right to self-determination.


  • Paula Jeanine Bennett (USA)
  • Denise Bryan (UK)
  • Clare Carswell (UK)
  • Zuzanna Czajkowska (PL/CH)
  • Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz (PL/DE)
  • Gaby Bila Günther (AUS/DE)
  • Alexandra Holownia (PL/DE)
  • Josef Ka (RUS/FIN)
  • Lenka Klodova (CZ)
  • Beate Linne (DE)
  • Antonis Liveropoulos (GR)
  • Marco Nektan (JUG/DE)
  • Gustavo Thomas (MEX/DE)