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Lecture on the 20th anniversary of “MODE Topic MODE”.

In a colorful bouquet of flowers to mark the 20th anniversary of this lecture series, the lecture presents a selection of individual protagonists from the expanded fashion and textile sector spanning three centuries. Although the professional production of textiles and clothing was for a long time exclusively in the hands of craft businesses organized into guilds and staffed by men, women have also been active in textiles at all times.

Women have always been closely linked to the design, production and consumption of fashion and textiles, as the selected case studies show: an artistic embroiderer from the 18th century, a Hamburg woman dedicated to tailoring, probably the first Nuremberg woman to wear a bikini, pioneers of fashion photography and - graphics and more.

Speaker: Adelheid Rasche, Nuremberg

With a drink afterwards.

Participation free of charge.

No registration needed.

(Program in German)
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