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A theater production for schools and youth organizations on the themes: xenophobia, violence and friendship, suitable for ages 12 and up

Sixteen-year-old Joscha saved the life of a homeless man. The man was sleeping in an asylum center under construction when it was set on fire. First celebrated as a hero, Joscha quickly suspects himself of having started the fire. Joscha is silent on these allegations because he believes that his sister Marion is responsible for the arson attack along with other asylum seekers.

He tries unsuccessfully to persuade her to turn herself in to the police. Joscha is now being avoided and marginalized at his school by many of his classmates, but he also receives encouragement for his alleged deed. During this time, a project week on the subject of "Your future" will also take place at Joscha's school. Here he meets Melek, a devout Muslim classmate whom he has known since elementary school. He should form a project team with her. Taunts and dislike determine the first days of their teamwork, but also the desire for trust and mutual recognition.

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