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The winners of the Berlin wine competition "Lagen-Cup" will travel to Berlin on 2.9. and will each have four of their precious growths with them to spoil the guests at the culinary winners' dinner.

The host of the evening is Berlin sommelier Serhat Aktas, owner of Weinlobbyist - Bistro&Weinbar in Schöneberg. Weather permitting, the event will take place in the idyllic courtyard of his restaurant.

The menu
  • Dorade | blackberry | edamame | shizo
  • Prawn | fermented vegetable broth | white chocolate
  • Boeuf Rossini Strudel with Happy Foie Gras | Truffle | Madeirajus | Artichoke | Potato
  • Kiwi | Apricot | Miso

The winner of the Cup was the VDP winery Graf Adelmann from Württemberg and the top winemaker Felix Adelmann was awarded Winemaker of the Year.
The young and talented winemaker Rebecca Heger from the renowned VDP Weingut Dr. Heger from Baden was named Winemaker of the Year.

Located in picturesque Kleinbottwar and set against the backdrop of the idyllic Schaubeck Castle, Felix Adelmann stands out for its passion for the wine craft and its commitment to quality viticulture. Wine has been grown here for over 700 years, reflecting the soul and character of the region. This is where the Count Adelmann family lives and works, the fifth generation to carry on the legacy of their ancestors.

The winery is located in the south-western corner of Germany, in the heart of the sun-drenched Kaiserstuhl region.  Weingut Dr. Heger Founded in 1935, Weingut Dr. Heger has firmly established its place as one of the most important wine addresses in Baden and now nationwide. Rebecca Heger (28), known for her passion and craftsmanship in the vineyard, brings a fresh perspective and innovation, both to the winery and to the German wine landscape. "

About the Lagen Cup:

The Lagen Cup (part of the Berlin Wine Cups) is an independent wine competition which was launched by Berlin-based sommelier Serhat Aktas in 2018. As the name suggests, it is all about German Lagen wines.

Divided into white and red, the Lagen Cup is organised twice a year. A jury of 10, consisting of sommeliers, wine journalists and wine merchants, taste the wines blind and rate them according to the internationally accepted 100-point scheme.

The results are published on the official website

4-course menu | aperitif | 8 wines | water | the winners - 139€ p. person

Date: 2 September
Venue: der Weinlobbyist - Bistro&Weinbar
Kolonnenstraße 62
10827 Berlin

Admission: 17:30
Start: 18:00
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