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Wilfried Schmickler is one of the great political cabaret artists of this country, and after more than 40 years on stage he now presents his new program: "It doesn't stop".

It does not stop with the fight against the idiocy and injustice in this world, against social inequality, against hatred and intolerance!

But his desire to oppose this does not stop either!

And so he travels again over the stages of this republic, armed with the words of truth, which he knows to lead mercilessly and razor-sharp like an executioner his axe, and prepares for the audience a fulminant, breathtaking evening!

WILFRIED SCHMICKLER has been awarded the four most important cabaret prizes:

PRIX PANTHEON, GERMAN CABARET PRIZE, GERMAN CLEAN ART PRIZE and SALZBURGER STIER! He was on the WDR-Mitternachtsspitzen ("Stop Mr. Becker") for almost 30 years and every Monday at just before 11 he asks the "Monday Question" on WDR 2.

In November 2021 he received the Bavarian Cabaret Award.

(Program in German)

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