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Rough carvers are an integral part of life. Especially with instruments made of wood. Who actually gave the child the recorder? This is a question that some parents ask themselves throughout their lives. Especially when the child then no longer puts the flute out of his hand and forms a band together with others.

Die Band Wildes Holz mit ihren Instrumenten
Die Band Wildes Holz mit ihren Instrumenten © Harald Hoffmann

The new program of Wildes Holz is about exactly these rough blunders, from which something new emerges. Because you have to deal with mistakes creatively, otherwise it gets boring. And even from the roughest carvings something can emerge, if you have improvisation talent and humor. And instruments made of wood. That's for sure. Virtuoso acoustic live concerts without genre boundaries, spontaneous comedy and powerful playing have been the trademarks of Wildes Holz for over 20 years.

In the new program they also show their musical bravado. Because he who avoids mistakes does everything right. But who cultivates mistakes, makes music. Or even gross blunders. You just have to be able to afford something sometimes. Wildes Holz was founded in 1998 by recorder player Tobias Reisige together with double bass player Markus Conrads and guitarist Anto Karaula. Since then the band has been playing regularly and full-length on all kinds of cabaret stages and festivals.

After Anto's tragic death in 2018, a new beginning was made in 2019 with the program "Höhen und Tiefen" and Algerian guitarist Djamel Laroussi. For "Grobe Schnitzer" is now Johannes Behr on the guitar. Johannes is originally a jazz guitarist, but is also at home in all other musical styles and thus enriches the band's love of experimentation.

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