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Party zum 80. Geburtstag von Einar Schleef

Since he had to die, why shouldn't he live? Party for Einar Schleef's 80th birthday.

“The death of Heiner Müller was already difficult; then the death of Ms. Berghaus – a low blow; But the end of Take That – you don’t even know anymore!!” Einar Schleef

Einar Schleef, who died young on July 21, 2001, would have been 80 years old on January 17, 2024. His incomparable creative power made him a defining figure of the avant-garde of the 20th century. As a director and author, he revolutionized theater in East and West and was also a painter, set designer, photographer, made experimental short films and acted in his own plays.

He brought the choir back to the West German theater - and thereby broke taboos. Schleef's works have always evoked strong emotions and infected the theater for a long time. Today he is almost forgotten.

“As a poet and as a theater person, Schleef was the most outstanding figure I have met,” wrote the Nobel Prize winner for literature Elfriede Jelinek shortly after his death. His writings are a work of the century. She doesn't know anything comparable.

So there's a lot to remember: an "aesthetic genius", a stammerer, a tragic poet, an "obsessed firehead" - in short, a berserker. He's missing!

“Remembering is work,” is Schleef’s motto. In this sense. Let's celebrate him!

By and with: Christine Groß, Martin Wuttke and many friends and companions.

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