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In Thirteen Oaks the clocks literally run differently. Momme Bang is terrified of the number 13. In order to escape his pathological compulsions, Momme finds himself housed in a building as a housekeeper. But he cannot escape his fear of number 13.

He discovers a 13th room that supposedly doesn't exist. The ghost of a white woman also seems to be walking around the house. On her trail, Momme reaches a secret 13th district of Berlin, which is the opposite of the modern metropolis: electricity is forbidden there, and the return to an eternal truth is opposed to progress. But Momme's intrusion causes things to slip.

Colonel Secundus Falke, for example, who is investigating the Bang case, is playing a double game, as is a certain Hinckeldey, who commands the radical "Legion of Saint Uriel." And the fate of the man who smuggled Momme seems closely linked to the resistance of an organization called “The Sisters.” Soon it will be a matter of life and death.

Wieland Freund, born in 1969, has previously written for children and young people. His fantastic novels, including “Krakonos” and “The Unlikely Journey of Jonas Nothing,” have won numerous awards, and his stories about “Törtel” have been filmed for ZDF. With “Rodrigo Raubein und Knirps, sein Knappe” he recently completed a fragment by Michael Ende. The author lives in Berlin.

(Program in German)
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