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Performance by The Disorientalists

Azerbaijani patriot, Jew who fled Bolsheviks and Nazis, converted to Islam, avowed Mussolini fan and successful German author: The trio The Disorientalists, consisting of Yuriy Gurzhy, Marina Frenk and Daniel Kahn, follows in the footsteps of Essad Bey, whose biography reflects the tensions of a... entire century.

Born in Kyiv in 1905 as the son of an oil industrialist and a convicted Bolshevik, Lev Nussimbaum fled with his father in 1920 to escape the consequences of the October Revolution from his hometown of Baku via Istanbul to Berlin. In 1922 he converted to Islam and took the name Essad Bey. Under this name and the pseudonym Kurban Said he writes numerous novels, including Ali and Nino about a love between a Christian and a Muslim in Azerbaijan. He also writes biographies about Mohammed and Stalin and begins a book about Mussolini, which remains unfinished. Although he was banned from publishing as a Jew, he sympathized with the Nazis, fled to Italy and died in Positano at the age of only 37. He leaves behind a comprehensive literary work and a lot of questions. The Disorientalists explore this in their stage play.
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