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The exhibition "Who by Fire: On Israel" presents twelve contemporary artistic positions that take a (self)critical look at Israel's history and the reality of life.

The artists of "Who by Fire: On Israel" deal with the current political situation of the country and ask questions about Israeli identity, especially from the perspective of non-Jewish Israelis.

In conveying these sometimes complex issues from the perspective of Israeli artists, their connection to Germany and its history also comes into view.

With works by:

  • Durar Bacri (Tel Aviv)
  • Michael Halak (Haifa)
  • Leon Kahane (Berlin)
  • Ariane Littman (Jerusalem)
  • Ella Littwitz (Tel Aviv)
  • Avner Pinchover (Tel Aviv)
  • Shlomo Pozner (Berlin)
  • Ariel Reichman (Berlin)
  • Fatma Shanan (Tel Aviv)
  • Dina Shenhav (Tel Aviv)
  • Relli de Vries (Tel Aviv)
  • Amir Yatziv (Tel Aviv)
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