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18th Graduation Gala of the Berlin State School of Artistry

1 + 1 can also add up to 11. Just as many artists who graduated from the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin in 2022 create a kaleidoscope of contrasts in the show Whisper & Shout.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: WHISPER & SHOUT
© Jule Felice Frommelt

They push forward cautiously to plumb the shallow depths of a second. Always open to detours, shortcuts and shifts. They shout softly, "Our profession is our vocation!" and whisper loudly, "Welcome to our World!"
But sometimes our language is not enough to express what we want - then the young artists choose the path of poetry. Full of passion for their profession, they create expressive body images with the artistic possibilities of contemporary circus, in which juggling, aerial artistry and the whole spectrum of artistry create a dazzling synthesis of the arts.

The show Whisper and Shout uses the freedom of art to put logic in its place and give more meaning to the irrational. A pink ball can lead us to a pissing punk, and an orchestra can consist entirely of conductors. The silence can explode and the noise peter out.
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