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Staged Readings

In the While History Writes Itself writers’ workshop initiated by Sasha Marianna Salzmann since January the authors Julia Cimafiejeva, Davit Gabunia, Natalia Graur, Kateryna Penkova, Ivana Sajko, Tanja Šljivar and Marta Górnicka, under the direction of Anastasiia Kosodii, have investigated how texts for the theatre can be written in light of the cruel reality.

Coming from the Post-Yugoslav and post-Soviet regions, they engaged in an exchange about the political parallelisms of their countries of origin regarding the dissolution of state federations, about historical continuities and fissures, about personal perspectives.

In readings staged by directors who also comefrom those regions, the texts created in the workshop will be presented in the Studio Я.

On Oct. 27 and 28 the staged readings on the programme are Extremisten by Julia Cimafiejeva (director: Aleksandr Marchenko), Barbarians of the Onion Variety by Kateryna Penkova (director: Olena Apchel) and Nationaltheater by Tanja Šljivar (director: Oliver Frljić).

With English surtitles

More texts will be presented on the first weekend in the November.

  • Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.
  • Funded by the Federal Government Comissioner for Culture and the Media

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