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With Daniel Diekmann from the neighborhood initiative Habersaathstraße, the group walks to important places in the district of Berlin-Mitte. He shows what gentrification looks like there and explains the background, including the displacement of the former artist initiative Tacheles.

Displacement, vacancies, upgrading: gentrification is not only taking place in Berlin, but here with particular force and speed. Artists investigate the phenomenon in an open space of BERLIN GLOBAL. Through demos, self-organization and solidarity, Berliners fight against the loss of affordable housing and urban space. They also fight against their own displacement to the literal “margins” of urban society. However, this can hardly stop advancing commercial interests.

The city tour is an offer of the open space project “We stay! Gentrification and Resistance in Berlin”

The artistic works and interviews can be seen in the Verflechtung room of the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition.

- Language: German
- from 9 years
- Meeting point: Oranienburger Straße corner Tucholskystraße
- Price: 5.00 EUR / 3.00 reduced
- Please book a ticket in advance online or at the ticket offices in the foyer of the Humboldt Forum. It is not possible to sell tickets at the meeting point on site.

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