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Christmas is falling out! Joseph confesses everything. Every year the Christ Child comes back ... and makes nothing but anger. Struggling families, burning fir trees and stressed people who rush through inner cities in the pre-Christmas period, on the desperate quest for presents. If we are honest, we have the impression in the Adventszeit that Bethlehem was a branch of REWE.

Stephan Bauer: Weihnachten fällt aus! Josef gesteht alles!
Stephan Bauer: Weihnachten fällt aus! Josef gesteht alles! © Frank Soens

And when everyone is ready and ready from the shopping marathon, the family falls down on Christmas Eve: the single-parenting sister, the bad-hearted grandmother and the bitchy patent-mate with her lap dog. Mama cooks what is going on and Papa is totally annoyed, because the goose does not lie on the plate, but sits next to him. Ideal prerequisites for a "raw festival" ... Stephan Bauer's first Christmas program is the mercilessly comical answer to the apocalyptic pages of the Christmas festival - with only one goal: that at least once in a while there is something to laugh.

Get out of Christmas! Let us enjoy this festival with the winter idyll, pine tree and snowflakes - as long as climate change still allows. Because in 50 years the Santa Claus comes with the surfboard!

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