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Christmas in Ukrainian. Why? All year we discussed over an Aperol Spritz with a compostable sustainable organic straw what we will eventually perish from, ecological collapse, bad diet, bad government, lack of personnel, Corona consequences or the war spreading in the minds and on the planet.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Weihnachten auf Ukrainisch mit Wladimir Kaminer Frühstück am Rande der Apokalypse
Urban Zintel

Program in German

Art cannot stop the people from jumping into a cesspool, but it does give people a chance to weigh in, to be ashamed, to be upset, to be outraged.

Only through art can we understand and process what is really happening to us.

And, of course, art must be political; art that is not is merely a face massage for the bourgeoisie. Without artists, the planet would also be boring as shit.
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Volksbühne - Großes Haus