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The Come On Get Huffy Tour

The New York indie band "We Are Scientists " are back with their new album 'Huffy' and also new single "Contact High" to their fans.  Keith Murray and Chris Cain aka We Are Scientists are looking forward to presenting their seventh studio album live in Berlin. The secret ingredients for the lead single's formula for success are revealed by the mischievous We Are Scientists: "dizzying romantic interaction, rousing music and psychoactive substances (in descending order of personal preference)."

GRAFIK Musik © visitBerlin, Illustration Jim Avignon

Singer-guitarist Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain took on the roles of jet-skiing couriers for the music video for their summer love song 'Contact High,' celebrating the song that builds on the edgy, guitar-driven sounds of their debut while evoking lyrically stirring emotional states.

Their name, incidentally, comes from the legend of a move. In the summer of 2001, the band moved to New York, which offered them the prospect of rent-free living in a house owned by Keith's grandparents. While loading their belongings into the van, the moving man first asks the three, "Are you brothers?" The answer in the negative to this question seemed to make strange causal connections in the driver's brain, for he then inquired, "Are you scientists?" A question that the team could answer in the affirmative with a grin

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