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The excavations in Assur lasted eleven years, financed by the German Oriental Society. The Ottoman Antiquities Directorate only agreed to the partition agreement in 1914 after the German Emperor intervened.

After the start of the First World War and just one day after the German Empire entered the war, the freighter with the excavation finds was ordered to head for the next port of refuge - Lisbon - because there was concern that the valuable cargo could be hijacked on the high seas. Two years later, a tough struggle to release the boxes began, because now the British Empire also claimed the antiquities for itself. Using the example of the water basin, the various interests are illuminated and political connections are shown.

Dr. Nadja Cholidis, deputy director of the Near Eastern Museum and Dr. Nicola Crüsemann, researcher on the project “Legal – Illegal?”

Meeting point: James Simon Gallery, at the information point in the upper foyer

Participation is free with a valid entry ticket.

Limited number of participants. Online registration required.

Please register for the event and book an entry ticket at the time of the event.

(Program in German)

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Meeting point: James-Simon-Galerie, am Info-Punkt im oberen Foyer

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