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Ukraine's long struggle against Russian oppression

Mikhail Zygar, author of “All the Kremlin’s Men” and other historical books presents live for the first time his new work “War and Punishment”. And now it’s published on Russian - that’s the collaboration two new independent publishers: Meduza and Zygaro.

“War and Punishment” is the first book written by the Russian author, that tries to analyze history Russian Empire and its colonial policies in Ukraine. It is the first attempt to analyze current war from historical perspective. A noted expert on the inner workings of the Kremlin, Zygar has unparalleled access to hundreds of players on both sides of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

MEDUZA launches its very own publishing house in October 2023. In order to circumvent Russian state censorship, its books will be made available in ebook format on Meduza’s mobile app, which is accessible inside Russia even without a VPN. The most important titles will also be available in printed form outside of Russia.

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