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Under the name WILHELM GROENER, the artist duo Mariola Groener and Günther Wilhelm have created a multi-layered body of work at the interface between performing and visual art over more than two decades, which includes choreographies, performative installations, exhibitions, video art and publications. As a complement to their extensive artistic work with the “performing archive” project, they are now presenting their latest work, entitled “WANDLUNGSMASCHINE”.

In a labyrinth-like room, WILHELM GROENER's artistic means and methods are continuously introduced, processed and combined in new ways over the course of a week. The audience is invited to visit the “CHANGE MACHINE” several times and become part of the action themselves. Daniella Eriksson, Franz Anton Cramer, Günther Wilhelm, Mariola Groener, Oliver Connew and Rudi Fischerlehner will create something surprising and unexpected in changing constellations throughout the entire performance week - something new.