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On stage he played the seductive Liliom, the mischievous Schwejk and the tragic Professor Unrat. He played comical and serious roles in films, and on television he was the down-to-earth, likeable country doctor for seventeen years. As dazzling and versatile as the roles are, so straightforward and direct is the character behind them.

Walter Plathe is a real Berlin plant, a guy with heart and snout, a popular actor who sticks to his credo: “The mother of Janze is the theater!” His grandfather already ran a private popular theater, but the family warned the boy about the lack of income Art. So he first learned to be a salesman in a pet store, but eventually committed himself wholeheartedly to acting because: “I had to choose between my love of animals and my desire for pretending and playing.” Plathe tells his life story with a lot of humor.

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