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In neighbor's garden: Where have our trees gone?

One look at the castle park is enough: dying trees, burnt meadows, low water levels and to-go packaging on every corner. Our everyday challenges are not just called park maintenance, but climate change, mountains of trash and vandalism in the park. What does the future hold? Park District Manager Heiko Muschick talks to you about how the preservation of the World Heritage Site can succeed in such challenging times.

At the same time as the tours, a public rehearsal of local cultural artists will take place around each of the tour sites. Independently of your participation in a guided tour, you are invited to go on a discovery tour "In Nachbars Garten" (In the Neighbor's Garden) and to engage in spontaneous conversation with the artists.
Additional information
Meeting point: Park entrance Kuhtor

Registration/Booking: Registration 14 days before the event: 0331.96 94-200 (Tue-Sun) or
(max. two tickets per registration)