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Volker Meyer-Dabisch has been traveling with CAVEMAN for 14 years and has now attracted at least 400,000 viewers. Playing on CAVEMAN's stage, he kept wondering what happens when this guy has children, Volker Meyer-Dabisch's answer to this question is SUPERDADDY.

Volker Meyer-Dabisch
Volker Meyer-Dabisch © Stefanie Peters

A multi-functional dad, who tries to do everything right, always terrific fails but also brings in spectacular successes. We storm with Volker Meyer-Dabisch through a father's biography of a special kind: a father who is committed, one of whom gives everything. Deathly, he plunges into the adventure of an unplanned home birth, armed with nothing but a craft scissors, coldly he plans the children's birthday of his son, and then almost perish in the battle of the fourteen madly rumtobenden best friends of Luke. Men's friendships are like lonely islands in a stormy sea, precious as uncut diamonds whose last retreat consists of a converted broom closet or a garage pimped to the men's rest room. An evening that can ask not only grandiose comic moments but also questions about the role of the father / man in today's society, trying to fathom why fewer and fewer boys get the gymnasiale recommendation, the space for questions and discussions from the audience.

Volker Meyer -Dabisch regards the audience as his play partner, no Superdaddy - performance is exactly the same as the other, spontaneous comments are incorporated, new texts and stories tried, stand up, as it should be, authentic, genuine, funny and not always perfectly honed.

(Program in German)

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