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After the success of his solo programs "Leider nein! Leider gar nicht!" and "Ich seh voll reich aus!", Dennis from Hürth is now back on Germany's stages with his new, third program "Wenn ich Du wäre, wäre ich doch lieber ich! Finally! He describes himself as a "transfinancial", a "rich guy in the body of a poor sow".

Dennis aus Hürth
Dennis aus Hürth © Claudio Di Lucia

Dennis - the likeable vocational student and life artist with a passion - has almost given up the youth room at his grandma Claudia's (39) and now prefers to chill in the apartment of his girlfriend "Larissa the girl". Romance is not always right for him, but it is writ large. He gets to the bottom of the secrets of partnership as well as the question of why girls are the way they are. He takes the spectator at his with curry sauce smeared hand with on his journey by the life that he takes as always, easily with overweight and always up-to-date, like the life itself.

True to the motto "If I were you, I'd rather be me!", we experience Dennis with lots of new stories that would probably never happen otherwise. Dennis, one of us and just in the middle of life... an Otto like you and me and you - just a real Otto!

(Program in German)

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