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Atmospheric motets for six-part vocal ensemble and pieces for organ, piano and celesta by the Berlin composer Lyhrus. In the concert program ›The Pilgrim Age‹, the music of the Berlin-based German composer, music producer and pianist Lyhrus combines atmospheric ensemble singing with melodic sound pieces, which Lyhrus plays on the grand piano and organ of the Alt-Tegel village church and on a celesta.

The English texts of the songs tell of man in the age of inner pilgrimage, on his way between fragments and ruins of traditions and old orders. Program booklets with a German translation will be available.

The Lyhrus Ensemble consists of six professional vocalists from Berlin and Potsdam and the composer.

Lyhrus (piano, organ, celesta) and the Lyhrus Ensemble: Juliane Kunzendorf (soprano), Petra Koerdt (mezzo), Isabel Felsenhauer (alto), Matthias Eger, Thomas Kalka (both tenor), Alexander Lust (bass).

Ticket information: 8 euros, reduced 5 euros

Admission free up to 18 years
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