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Film music and fireworks in the arena of the Gardens of the World | Gärten der Welt

In an extraordinary garden space, in the midst of cultural diversity from Europe and Asia, musical masterpieces will welcome classical music lovers to "Viva la musica" with spectacular fireworks.

Gärten der Welt: Viva la musica
Gärten der Welt: Viva la musica © Holger Koppatsch

In front of the beautiful backdrop of the Italian Renaissance Garden, the Classic Open Air Event "Viva La Musica" brings musical legends back to life.

A colourful fireworks display completes this enchanting evening and brings the concert to a crowning conclusion. The setting, the music and the presence of the Italian "La Bella Vita" together create a harmonious atmosphere, which gives the audience an unforgettable evening. Let yourself be carried away into a musical magic world that harmonizes perfectly with the cosy idyll of the gardens of the world.

The spectators are offered a spectacular evening, which enchants them and takes them away for a few hours into a dreamy world. The gardens are transformed into the backdrop of the great masters, offering a concert that attracts the listener on a musical journey.  

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