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"Carpe Noctem"

The Open Air Arena in the Gardens of the World invites to the summer concert evening "Carpe Noctem - Enjoy the Night!". The Czech symphony orchestra "Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra" under the direction of conductor Alena Jelinková accompanies the audience musically into the night at the traditional classical open air "Viva la musica".

Musik und Feuerwerk
Musik und Feuerwerk © Holger Koppatsch


Works by Mozart, Mendelssohn and Dvořák resound in the arena of the Gardens of the World. The musical highlights are followed by a breathtaking high-altitude fireworks display that lights up the summer sky.

A colorful fireworks display concludes this enchanting evening and brings the concert to a crowning conclusion. Let yourself be carried away into a magical musical world that harmonizes perfectly with the secluded idyll of the Gardens of the World.

The audience will be treated to a spectacular evening that will enchant them and transport them to a dreamy world for a few hours.

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