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VITAMIN B. Berlin is the new cultural hub. Everyone wants to move to Berlin.

VITAMIN B. © E.Jarvis

80 percent of all Berliners rent their apartment; 75% of all Berliners are not from Berlin at all.

"But, vai arr ze apartments so tschip? Are zey radioactive?!" - German real estate agent

"Dude, if rents keep going up like this, it'll probably be cheaper to move to the club!" -Marie

Voices from the street: "My apartment in three words? cold, stale, dark..."

"I'm living in an apartment with ten other people. I pay 640 EUR for ten square meters." "Nope, my rent has never been lowered. Hahahaha. It's a good question."

Where did you get your apartment? Vitamin B, vitamin B, without it life hurts.

After their foundation 2 years ago, "leftover disko", the acting group of STREET COLLEGE, an educational project of GANGWAY e.V., show their first play development. A group that came together out of a creative impulse despite a pandemic is very excited to take the step from performing on the basketball court to a real theater space. In "VITAMIN B," they tackle a topic we all have to deal with: Living in Berlin.

What does it mean to live in this city? The answers to these questions are as broad as our research. From personal anecdotes to documentaries, self-guided street interviews and self-assessment, we're crafting an insane picture of this ultra-complex topic for you.

We're also just people who have moved here. We're very aware of that. But we want to dedicate ourselves to the topic that really affects everyone in this city. Vitamin B. The city in a pill. Why are we all moving here?

Playing: Lea Brüning, Marie-Thérèse Winter

Director: Elly Jarvis
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