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The good news is still there: Recently, a member of the Last Generation had a child. In Berlin there is a senate decision according to which new streets may only be named after women. Dead ends included. A new study by the Ministry of Economics shows that solar parks can also supply enough electricity at night if the systems are operated under floodlights. Technically, that would already be possible today. Unfortunately, the big corporations prevent that.

The scientific cabaret artist and physicist Vince Ebert takes stock: Have we become more rational, level-headed or even smarter in recent years? Spoiler alert: No, we're not. Only 18% of the population wears a bike helmet, but 91% use a protective case for their cell phone.

When reality becomes more and more satirical, when government statements are practically indistinguishable from Postillon articles – how on earth are satirists supposed to top that?

But Vince Ebert does not give up. Outwardly he may be an old white man. But that's just a social construct. In "Vince of Change" he identifies himself as a 32-year-old tanned surf instructor from California and thus addresses completely new target groups. Because his mission affects us all: In an epoch that is increasingly threatening to disappear due to feelings, sensitivities and irrationalities, he defiantly holds up the banner of reason. And besides, he needs the money.

(Program in German)

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