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Lieder vom Schwarzmalen und Schönfärben mit Lennart Schilgen

Lennart Schilgen sees a need for transfiguration. In his second program, the "award-winning shooting star of the joke industry" (Berliner Morgenpost) writes poetry and sings against an inadequate reality. And exposes between the lines, where the world and he himself everywhere lie into their pockets.

Lennart Schilgen
Lennart Schilgen © Promo

With "sparkling linguistic art" (AZ) and enigmatic, light-footed comedy, he tells above all about the things he fails at: making decisions. Impressing girls around the campfire. Abolishing capitalism. In return, he manages to wrest unheard facets from the concept of "guy with guitar and piano".

Musically adept, he plays with genre traditions and casually jumps between styles and moods: from Beatlesque pop to a tightly marching protest anthem, from the comically creepy stalker ballad to the "Reinhard Mey parody to kneel down" (Mannheimer Morgen).

(Program in German)

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