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Sündikat 7 / 24 | free project @ernstbusch26

The second year of the HfS “Ernst Busch” approaches the seven deadly sins in the free project. 24 young people try to playfully make their way through a centuries-old concept. When does sin become virtue and when does passion become vice? And would failure be so bad?

by and with: Carl Geißler, Edward Ruben Auerbach, Elias Kohl, Elina Vildanova, Ella Morgen, Emil Kollmann, Emil Lug, Eszter Demecs, Flavia Lovric-Caparin, Greta Geyer, Helena Bohndorf, Johann Born, Fabian Mair Mitterer, Johanna Martini, Jonas Holdenrieder, Jonathan Walz, Juliane Ebner, Alexandra Igorewna Juschkewitsch, Magdalena Gräslund, Markus Ücker, Pia Dembinski, Richard Globert, Toni Siems, Vincent Brusdeylins

Dramaturgical support: Jörg Lehmann, Holger Teschke
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