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A special evening at Peppi

This will be a first encounter of this specific combination of four unique musicians in a night of entirely improvised music. Featuring Peter Van Huffel and the Toronto-based Karen Ng on saxophones, Jasper Stadhouders on guitar and Joe Hertenstein on drums, they will perform an evening of energetic, spontaneous and exploratory musical creation. All of the musicians involved have been involved together in a variety other formations over time, however this special evening promises unique sounds from a collaboration never heard before.

PETER VAN HUFFEL has played an active role in many of the world’s top jazz scenes with numerous tours across Europe, the US and his native Canada. He is the leader of the punk-jazz trio GORILLA MASK, which has released five albums since 2012 including four on the renowned Portuguese label, Clean Feed Records. He has released an additional ten albums as leader and collaborator on a variety of labels and been featured as a guest or sideman a number of recordings by a variety of artists. Peter is currently developing a solo project for saxophone and electronics. He has resided in Berlin, Germany since 2008.

Toronto based saxophonist KAREN NG splits her time between bands such as The Weather Station, Andy Shauf, Lido Pimienta, Badge Époque Ensemble, Tim Baker, L CON, Happiness Project, Do Make Say Think and creative ensembles including Rob Clutton Trio, p2p, Kind Mind, Craig Dunsmuir and the Dun Dun Band, See Through 4. As an improviser first and foremost, she spends most of her time travelling and engaging with these communities around North America and Europe while also curating and producing shows at home as curator for the CMC and co-founder of TONE Festival.

JASPER STADHOUDERS plays guitar, bass and mandolin.
He’s an improviser, composer, band leader and concert organizer.

He plays in bands such as PolyBand, Blood Cloud, Cactus Truck, Spinifex, Made to Break, Shelter, Balconies, Bazooka, Bacchanalia, Practical Music, CP Unit, Christian Marien Quartett & more. He toured extensively throughout Europe, North America, Russia, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Palestine, Mexico and Argentina. Jasper can be heard on over 30 releases on labels such as Trost, Not Two, TryTone and Audiographic. Jasper is part of Amsterdam based musician’s collective Stichting Doek. When he’s not on the road, he spends his time between Amsterdam and Berlin.

JOE HERTENSTEIN was raised in Germany as the son of a Black Forest lumber jack and boar hunter, spending his childhood carving woods and horns into drumsticks and assembling his first drum set of pots ‘n’ pans ‘n’ boar skulls on the back of a dis-functioned pick-up truck that served as his childhood-refuge. By age 16 he had hit the timpani on all nine Beethoven symphonies and grew bored of all the ‘tacet’. Looking for more involvement, making his ways through cover-, punk- and doom-core bands, at age 19 a Charlie Parker bootleg cassette left him so confused, that he dropped everything to study freedom and ultimate creativity in music.

Free entry – it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.

Note: The Peppi is a smoking bar. Admission from 18 years.

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