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We take a short walk through Tegel and record our impressions in sketches.

It's not about how well you can draw, but about experiencing a place intensively. You will discover small details that you may have walked past a hundred times without noticing them. Years later you will still remember exactly what you saw and heard when you leaf through your sketches.

In case of rainy weather, there will be an alternative date on 10.7.2022 from 2 to 5 pm.

Please bring: Pens that you like to draw with (e.g. pencil, pen, fineliner, fountain pen, coloured pencils...), a sketchbook or pad (no larger than A4), a stable support such as clipboard or a solid cardboard in A4 on which you can clamp the book or pad, and staples to go with it. If you can't or don't want to stand for long, you should bring a small folding stool (e.g. a tripod or camping stool. Must be easy to transport).

Meeting point: Schinkelbrunnen in front of C&A in Alt-Tegel.
Contact and registration: