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Meaning emerges in mutual negotiation! Therefore we have to move!

The dance performance UNORDNEN explores non-verbal, embodied processes between language, possibilities of perception and decision-making, that means with attempts to create order in the turbulence of the world. What logic crystallizes within a situation depends on the will and the must and the mobility of the players, as well as on the unexpected. In order to create agency, trial & error need to be integrated into the negotiating process. Only in this way matches and meaning can emerge - often in unforeseen moments.

In a choreographic play setting that generates moments of chance, choreographers Susanne Mueller Nelson & Katja Münker turn such processes of sense-making into a tangible and aesthetic live act.

Duration: 1 hrs
Additional information
Supported by: Stadt Biel / Kultur Kanton Bern / Ernst Göhner Stiftung / Migros Kulturproduzent / Vinetum Stiftung / Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung.

Choreography & Dance: Susanne Mueller Nelson, Katja Münker

Sound composition: Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson

Lighting concept: Andreas Harder

Artistic collaboration: Maxim Kares

Dramaturgy: Nadja Rothenburger

Voice coaching: Christiane Hommelsheim

Photos, videos: Andrea Keiz, Andreas Pfiffner