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By feeling numerous “two-senses stations” distributed throughout the exhibition spaces of the Ethnological Collections, and accompanied by the corresponding verbal description, the tour moves through cultural spaces and times.

Sounds and stories from different worlds promote dialogue and inclusive exchange between visitors. In this way, subjective, sensual and emotional associations become the common denominator for the foray through the collection. With the use of materials found in the original works, the design and method of production can be traced. Special experiences such as entering a clubhouse from Palau or a boat from Fiji turn a tour of the museum into an extraordinary encounter with different societies.

- Language: German
- For people with visual impairments
- The regular price per ticket is 8.00 EUR / 4.00 EUR reduced. Accompanying persons of severely disabled persons (with note B) receive a free ticket. Pupils, students, volunteers, trainees up to the age of 30, severely disabled persons (at least 50), recipients of ALG I benefits, persons receiving transfer payments (ALG II, social welfare, basic security, berlinpass holders or benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act) and honorary card holders are eligible for the reduced ticket.
- Duration: 120 min
- maximum 20 persons

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