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The Hungarian Chamber Philharmonic was founded to uphold Hungary's rich musical tradition and to bring the beauty of chamber music to a wide audience. Works by Hungarian composers as well as international artists will be presented to demonstrate the ensemble's cultural diversity and musical range.

  • Hungarian Chamber Philharmonic
  • Antal Barnás conductor and presenter
  • László Nyári concert master

Performed Works:

Johann Strauss (son)
The Gypsy Baron: Overture

Franz Lehar
Gold and Silver, Waltz op. 79

Johann Strauss (son)
Stormy in Love and Dance, Fast Polka op. 393

Johann Strauss (son)
Peasant Polka op. 276

Johann Strauss (son)
Perpetuum mobile op. 257

Pablo de Sarasate
Gypsy tunes for violin and orchestra op. 20

Georges Bizet
Carmen Suite: Prélude

Joseph Strauss
On holiday trips! Op. 133

Siegfried Translateur
Wiener Praterleben »Sportpalast Waltz« op. 12

Emile Waldteufel
Galop prestissimo op. 152

Johann Strauss (son)
On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Waltz op. 314

Johann Strauss (father)
Radetzky March op. 228

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